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Revolutionizing Materials Science with higher strength, lower cost, lighter weight, sustainable & clean solutions

Sp2nano brings innovative, sustainable, disruptive, and needed technology that enables exceptionally strong, lightweight low-cost materials to meet the challenges of Earth’s uncertain future.

Sp2nano was formed in 2017 to design and manufacture stronger and lighter personal armor. By integrating carbon nanotubes (CNT) into Kevlar We successfully made a product that was as effective as Kevlar at less than half of the weight. While negotiating our first customer order, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the legal authority for personal armor, forbade the use of CNTs in personal armor because it resembled asbestos. We have patented the reinforcement of textiles for composite structures and other uses. Starting over after the pandemic, we shelved the armor technology when we couldn't get positive feedback from the NIJ regarding the use of graphene. We investigated other composites and technology which will be discussed later.


The name “Sp2” defines the electron ring structure of graphene; We are a graphene applications business. With armor shelved, alternative applications were sought, particularly those that lead to commercialization and disruptive product applications. During the Pandemic we submitted a proposal to the US Department of Energy (DOE) CABLE Prize for the development of an electrical conductor superior to copper. Despite high-level competition from major Universities and large companies, we were selected as a Round One winner. Round two required building and submitting a sample of the conductor.  After the completion of round 1, the DOE delayed round 2 and since our resouces were limited we put that project on hold although we were encouraged that our approach was considered meritorious. During the Pandemic shutdown, other applications of graphene were explored with an emphasis on climate and clean technologies that could be developed into major markets. The result was several high-value saleable products which are discussed later.

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