A Materials Science Breakthrough in Fabric Reinforcement Technology

Enabling Quantum Improvement to Armor and Advanced Composites

Makes Kevlar Bullet proof Vests 3 Times Stronger

Isotropic Advanced Composite Structures Replace Fragile Laminates

Products Are Stronger, Lighter and Thinner

is the description of the hybridized bonding between carbon atoms that creates the strongest materials ever known or identified. It is this bonding structure that creates the miracle materials that are now introducing a new age of materials and science that will profoundly change many of the products we now use, change how we build things, and allow the creation of products that we cannot yet imagine.

The Technology to Enable this Revolution is our Business!

For centuries, historians and archaeologists have defined periods of human history by the technologies or materials that made the greatest impact on society—like the Stone Age, Copper Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. We now introduce a material that is 100 times stronger than steel at one sixth the weight; is the most electrically conductive material known; is the most thermally conductive material known; will desalinate water; and will obsolete energy storage and electronics as now practiced.

Welcome to the Graphene Age