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Our Technology



Our Technology is simply the utilization of nanomaterials to improve the properties of Materials and provide these materials as sustainable and environmentally carbon-zero. Our raw material is biomass that is generated from forest and agricultural waste. The Biomass is principally comprised of Lignocellulose which is separated into its components of lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose.

Lignin is separated from Lignocellulose with a Deep Eutectic Solvent (DES) that removes the whole lignin molecule without fractionating the lignin as is the case with commonly used methods.  Lignin is the glue that adheres to the cellulose fibers providing the strength and rigidity of timber and plant  stalks. This property is nullified when lignin is fractionated.


Lignin is converted to graphene with thermal processing, which we will use to convert a portion of it to provide reinforcing graphene. Lignin is also convertible to resins that will be used for viscosity reduction.


The extracted cellulose will be Plasma processed for conversion to nanocellulose and functionalized for additional reinforcement and converted to functionalized nanocellulose that reinforces structures at a lower cost and lighter weight than graphene. These components provide materials that are mixed to provide different materials for various applications.


Hemicellulose may be used to produce some resins but also has value as a sugar. We will sell the extracted material.


These components-Lignin, graphene, resins, cellulose, and nanocellulose will be mixed with flame, mold, and pest retardants to produce high-strength structural materials.


The component materials will allow the manufacture of many products that will be utilized in a variety of products for buildings, vehicles, sporting goods, etc.

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