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EARTH, WE HAVE A PROBLEM Climate Change threatens the survival of life on Earth. While we have a short window for gaining control, there is also a more imminent issue that cannot be overlooked. This is the destruction of our buildings and infrastructure as shown by recent natural disasters that are occurring today with stronger hurricanes, cyclones, tornados and flooding.

SOLUTION: BUILD WITH BETTER & STRONGER MATERIALS Resolving this problem cannot be put off or ignored. We need to design with stronger materials that resist wind, are inflammable, and are waterproof while positively impacting climate by reducing carbon emissions, saving trees, and enhancing sustainability. The early solution is the development of higher-performance and sustainable materials that are of necessity bio-based.

With this as our focus, sp2nano is developing new building materials that are much stronger, lower cost, lighter weight, and climatically stable and made from agricultural and forest waste products, thereby curtailing the slaughter of our forests, which are the lungs of our planet, breathing in carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. We are developing and will commercialize Superwood, which meets this criteria.

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