The Executive Team

Hugh Craig, sp2nano inventor, CEO

The team is led by Hugh Craig who invented, developed and patented the technology. Hugh has a diverse background including entrepreneurial ventures and patent development. He is a Chemical Engineer whose career has had a materials focus. His composites background includes Materials and Process Engineering at The Boeing Company, cofounder of Plastech Alloys, acquired by "Dart and Kraft." More recently, he founded Polymeric Interconnect, an electrically conductive ink manufacturer that was acquired by Dow Corning. Hugh has spent the last several years with sp2nano, a consulting and development business developing products with graphene and carbon nanotubes which led to this venture, in which he has invested the last three years. Hugh serves as CEO for the startup period until a CEO is located and steps into that position. Hugh will continue with the Company as Board Member and Technical Advisor.

Ann Hemingway, sp2nano Chief Adminstrative Officer

In the CEO position he will be closely supported by Ann Hemingway as Chief Adminstrative Officer. Ann had a very successful 30-year career at British Gas in several capacities which included heading Human Resources, IT, Marketing and Sales, and being on the team that privatized the Company. She served the U.K. Government as a Board Member and Vice Chair of the Food Standards Agency. Also served on the Board of the Department for Transport, Driver Vehicle License Agency, Local Better Regulation Office and joined Research Councils UK as an Audit Committee member. In recognition of her efforts and competency in public service she received the honor of Commander of the British Empire (C.B.E.) from H.M Queen Elizabeth. Ann oversees Administration, and the general day to day operations. Ann will also terminate her employment with the Company when a qualified executive team is in place.

sp2nano Dario Prieto, Hugh Craig and Jack Skinner
Jack Skinner, sp2nano CTO

Jack Skinner-CTO is an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Mechanical Engineering at Montana Tech, Butte, MT. He is also a member of the Electrical Engineering Department and the Montana Materials Science Ph.D. Program. His research has resulted in over 40 journal articles, over 60 conference presentations, and over 10 issued, pending, and provisional patents. He has been awarded over $4M in funding across 20 funded proposals in the past five years as a faculty member at Montana Tech. He is currently overseeing the completion of the new MTNL facility, which includes Montana Tech’s fist cleanroom. Jack holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Davis (2007), and Washington State University, Pullman (2002), respectively, and a B.S. degree in General Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Option from Montana Tech, Butte (2000). He was a graduate researcher with the Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center, Berkeley, CA, from 2004 to 2007, where he developed diffractive optical microsystems. From 2003 to 2012, he was with Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA, where he was a Principal Member of the Technical Staff before coming back to Montana Tech as Mechanical Engineering faculty. He has been working in the field of nanotechnology since 2001. His research interests include technological advancements in the understanding and application of nanoscale devices, materials, and methods. Jack is a registered Professional Engineer in the United States. Since coming back to Montana Tech, Jack formed the Montana Tech Nanotechnology Laboratory (MTNL). The MTNL supports the mission of Montana Tech through innovation in interdisciplinary, collaborative research and provides its students, faculty, and staff with a unique capability to tackle broad technical problems spanning the engineering sciences. MTNL researchers include students ranging from freshman to Ph.D. level, as well as post-doctoral associates, and faculty members with emphasis in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Biomedical Engineering.