The Technology

Model I DCB Specimin

We make fabrics stronger and tougher by covalently bonding graphene, carbon nanotubes and/or graphene nanoribbons to the fibers that make up the fabric, thus creating both a mechanical and chemical attachments. The mechanical attachment is based on entanglement of the tubes and ribbons in the instities between the fibers developing a hierarchal net in net structure. This structure is further enhanced by chemical bonds which link the fibers and reinforcing nanocarbons to each other.

Detail of FFRP structure.

By using very long carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoribbons it is possible with this same patented technology to translate this intra-ply reinforcement to inter-ply reinforcement, that is to make the laminated structure much stronger in the Z axis which will resolve the most prevalent failure mode of composite structures.

We are interested in other applications of this technology and are anxious to work with and help develop products for clients whose product will be improved with this technology.